Thursday, July 25, 2013

Adding Character

It has been so exciting to see our house going up but up until this point it has just been the basic stuff. Slab, framing, plumbing etc. Now we are finally starting to add some character and I can see the little touches coming out that are going to make this house unique to us. We saw the trestles in the living room/dining room for the first time yesterday and are so excited about them. They really bring out the farmhouse look and make the room feel cozy.

The porch roof is finally done and the columns are in so our porch is no longer held up by toothpicks. Our builder is working on the railing and is modeling it after a historical home in downtown Ennis. The black shutters will be the last thing to go on the house so we will have to wait quite a while to get the full picture of the front of the house.

I had to sneak in a few of Brox. He is watching great-grandpa on the blue tractor in the distance.

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