Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Officially Broke Ground!

It's official, we closed on our construction loan today and officially broke ground. Doherty Brothers were out at our house bright and early and I ran to the window like a kid on Christmas when I heard their trucks pull in the drive.They scraped the land and started bringing in the dirt to raise it up.

We had breakfast then took B outside to watch all of the action. I saw a dump truck at the store and had to get him one to play with so he could do what the big trucks were doing. I also sent Jordan over to our land to get him a bucket of sand that he then proceeded to dump all over his face. Had to throw in a pic of him with his dump truck:)

This evening we walked around the land with some wine to celebrate while Brox dug in the sand piles with his mini shovel.

Things are happening. Life is good.

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