Sunday, May 19, 2013


We broke ground on tuesday and the guys got in two full days of work on the foundation then were put on hold the remainder of the week due to the bad weather Wednesday night.

I must say I am not disappointed at all that we are already delayed during week 1. I look at these pictures of downtown Ennis, only several miles away from where we live and I just feel blessed that my family is safe and no one was hurt.

I know my town will rebuild and it will look like historic Ennis again soon but it is both heartbreaking and scary to think about what could have happened.

A lot of people, including Jordan, thought I was silly for wanting a safe room in our new house. I know for a fact after Jordan was on duty Wednesday night and heard on the radio that a tornado was coming straight for me and Brox that he is definitely on board with the safe room. I am already thinking about how I can make it cute and comfortable. Big fun pillows, blankets, a little shelf for water, a flashlight and some toys for B. Yes leave it to me to want to make a safe room cute:)

Anyways, hopefully we will get back on track with our house Monday and hopefully our little town will continue to rebuild.

God is good.

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