Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Kitchen updates

In our blueprints we allowed for area in the kitchen to have an industrial free-standing island. For some reason we never got around to having it built during the building process. We got used to the wide open space in the kitchen so I was really hesitant to add anything. Last week I finally decided to order a stainless steel island from a restaurant supply company and I love it! Its great to have another prep area that is so close to the fridge.

Before the island even came in I purchased another amazing cutting board from Hungary. Not sure what my deal is with cutting boards but I am fascinated with them.

Found this great stool at a vintage flea market and found the rug on http://www.ecarpetgallery.com. This is my new favorite rug place. Great prices and I love that it looks like it has been around forever.

Lowe loves have a cozy rug to sit on in the middle of the kitchen.

and Brox loves having a new place to eat his cereal. And I love having both of my babies in the kitchen with me!

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