Thursday, June 18, 2015

New Hutch

 I am soo excited about my new hutch! I have been searching for the perfect one for a few months but everything was to small and would look out of place on such a large wall.

The day before we left for vacation my mom texted me this hutch that she saw on Facebook posted by the Doves Next. I didn't really have time to go look at it since I need to pack but decided to call the store for measurements assuming it would also be to small. The lady I talked to told me it was made out of old pine barnwood and it was the most gorgeous piece she had ever seen. As soon as she told me it was over 7 ft tall I jumped in the car and bought it.

I am so glad my mom found this piece! It is absolutely perfect and well worth the wait. (thanks to my cousin Casey for picking it up and delivering it while we were gone on vacation :))

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