Saturday, October 19, 2013

Kitchen Storage

So I may be a little overly excited about my kitchen storage but hey, after coming from the worlds smallest kitchen in our first home where I had to go to the grocery store before every meal I cooked and store entertaining items in my closet I think the excitement is reasonable!

Deep pullout drawers under my breakfast nook bench seating. Perfect place for linen napkins, tablecloths and the one on the end will be for some of Brox's toys. 

Pullout spike rack on both sides of the stove. 

 I absolutely hate having to pullout a stack of pans to get to the one on the bottom. Cannot wait to use my vertical pan storage.

 Slide out shallow drawer under the sink for dish detergent etc.

Trashcan drawer
 Open air drawers for produce in the pantry. I have cane webbing that will be put on the front.

 Wine, liquor and glasses!

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