Saturday, August 24, 2013

Treasures from Waxahachie

We had such a successful shopping trip today and I can't think of anyone else I would have rather shopped with other than Mom and Brox (sorry Jordan your just not that fun to shop with).

We found some great stuff for Brox's room at Crooked Creek Farms. They had some adorable treasures at really good prices. We got a vintage school desk chair, pillow and sign. The sign is perfect considering the name of his blog and the song in his 1 year video. For me finding pieces with meaning no matter how mismatched they are is the key to loving your home.

 I have been searching for the perfect chalkboard sign to use to display the menu at Brox's 2nd birthday bash. I was about to order one online but I am so glad I didn't since I found this gem at The Dove's Nest.  I can already think of so many other uses for it like displaying holiday messages on our front porch. (now I just need to find someone with good handwriting to write on it)

Last but not least. I am a bit obsessed with Southern Living. My mom has subscribed to their magazine forever so I remember tearing house idea pics out of them as a young girl. I found some of these pictures recently and it amazes me how classic everything in their magazine is. I still loved everything about them!  Just goes to show that southern charm never goes out of style.

Mom has tons of these cookbooks and now I have three of my own from an antique store for $1 each! (I also mailed in the card from mom's magazine to re-join their cookbook club. Hope she doesn't mind her new membership:)

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