Monday, June 3, 2013

Canton and Ennis Auction House

In my efforts to make our new house look old I have been scouring for items that will really help with the farm house charm. I had a lot of success this week in Canton with mom and at the monthly auction at the Ennis Auction house. I am hoping by the time our house is finished I will have built up a stash of items to get me started with decorating. I know it will take many years to finish decorating but at least this is a start!

 Red wing crock (apparently a huge collectors item since it has the marking on it.) Going to use the large one for rolling pins and other larger kitchen things and the smaller one for wooden utensils.

 Fun grain sack to either hang on the wall or throw over an outdoor table.

 This is one of my best finds. I bought two of these lights (made from old chicken feeders) to hang above my kitchen island.

 Great little side table from the auction.
 Old clock for the mantel.
Antique poppy seed grinder for kitchen decor.

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