Monday, February 25, 2013

Heading back to our roots...

It's official! We are moving back to Ennis!

After about a year of thought, discussion, weighing out pros and cons etc we have decided that building on family land is the best move for our family of 3.

There were many different options we considered but ultimately the one deciding factor that brought us home was family.

Family is the most important thing to us and helped solidify this decision.

For Brox and future baby number 2 (not on the way yet!) to be able to grow up within walking distance to their Nana, great-grandparents, aunt and uncle and only a few miles from Yaya and grandpa James is priceless.

As a child some of my fondest memories were being able to walk over to grandma and grandpas house and help water the plants, bake cookies, peel string beans and of course eat. Knowing that my children will have a similar up-bringing means the world to us.

I have heard from friends and family that building a home takes a ton of work and dedication but we are up for the challenge (by we I mean me).

This post is the first of many to document our journey of building a house and creating a home!

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