Monday, March 24, 2014

Window Herb Garden

This weekend I planted parsley, sage, sweet basil, rosemary and thyme. I love how they look in my kitchen window and am really hoping I can keep them alive. I think it would be so fun to use my own herbs!

A little toy organization

The entire corner of the living room was solid toys which has been driving us crazy for weeks. I went to wal-mart, got some baskets and donated about half of B's toys while he was sleeping:). Lets see how long this organization lasts:)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Crazy fear of tornadoes

Not only did we build a safe room/storm shelter inside our home but we also just had one put in underground between our house and mom's house as well. My fear of tornadoes may be a bit irrational but hey we are out in the country on top of a huge hill so all storms/winds are way stronger and scarier out here then they were in our little Lakewood neighborhood.

Brox is obsessed with all construction trucks so I picked him up early from school so he could watch the digger dig the hole and the workers drop in the huge concrete shelter. He and Mckinley were fascinated. 

So now the plan is strong straight-line winds and sever thunderstorm=indoor storm shelter. Severe tornado threat=outdoor storm shelter. I think we have our bases covered.

Granny Doherty's wingback chairs

 Decorating and furnishing the house has been slow going but it is starting to come along.

I am so excited that my aunt Janice gave me two wingback chairs that were my granny Doherty's. Not only do they have sentimental value but they are in great shape and the perfect size for our living room.

I couldn't decide on what fabric to re-upholster them with and when I was in the fabric store this big bold navy gingham was calling my name. I am hoping it will be the punch of color/pattern we need in our very neutral based color scheme.

After pictures to come in the next week!