Tuesday, April 30, 2013

House Plans

Moving Dirt

Well we unofficially broke ground! Still waiting on final appraisal and closing but our builder marked off the house and started scraping the land to show where the dirt will need to be filled in. Seeing exactly where the house will be and the land dug up really made it all sink in. We are building a house! We spent the evening walking around and exploring where all the rooms would be. I even made Brox and Jordan sit where the future dining room table will be:) It was so much fun playing pretend house. I can already picture all of the great memories we are going to create in our new home.

For some reason Brox kept laying his face down in the dirt and saying night night. The boy loves dirt!

Monday, April 22, 2013


I realize that this is probably the most boring blog to follow ever! Hopefully our loan closes this week and we can actually break ground at which point I will have more frequent and hopefully more interesting updates.

Until then I will post about the bluebonnets:)

They are so pretty on our land and I wanted to take plenty of pics since we will hopefully be plowing them all down next week! Luckily they are the thickest on Grandpa's land so we will will still have a sea of blue as our view next spring.

In other news we have a temporary fence, a gate, a mailbox and an address!

Monday, April 15, 2013


Today as we were waiting at the title company to close on Ellsworth we saw a young couple walk out of the office as we were walking in. They were so happy and excited and I told Jordan that they must have just closed on their first house. Sure enough they are they happy new owners of 6322 Ellsworth. I can only hope that they will fill this adorable house with as much love and memories as we did.

This house has been the backdrop to so many great moments in our lives. Although I do love this house I keep reminding that it was just that. The backdrop to the memories. Jordan, Brox and I created the memories and our new house will serve as our backdrop moving forward.

Here are just a few of the great memories we have in this house and the surrounding neighborhood...

We were just a young 20 something couple closing on our first house in August of 2007. We weren't even engaged yet!

 Two short years later we got married. The guys got dressed in our house and walked around the block to our church.

About a year later we added a furry addition to our home. Clyde!

 and about a year after that we welcomed little Brox Carter into our home and our lives were forever changed.

Sweet tiny boy sleeping in his bed. (now he stretches end to end)
 In March of 2012 Brox was baptized in our local church around the corner.

 We hosted a party for all of our family at our house after the ceremony.

Many many walks down the road to Tietze park.

 and of course the best party of all at our home. Brox's first birthday!

Feeling so blessed to have started our lives in this lovely home and neighborhood that brought us so much joy. Cheers to a lifetime of new memories out on Hornik Road:)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Goodbye 6322

It's official, we no longer reside at 6322 Ellsworth. Moving day was bittersweet to say the least. Having everyone there helping made it bearable and actually a little bit fun. Braden and Mckinley were the best little helpers!

 We have had so many amazing memories in this home. I must say it was the perfect starter house for our family. I cried when we locked up and looked around at the empty space but as we came over the hill on Hornik road I knew we made the right decision.